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Range Finder (SF-60)

Measure distance directly
Area Measurement
Volume Measurement
High accuracy
Quick measurement of distance area and volume
Continuous measurement
Additiong and Subtraction function
Max and Min value display
Switchable among m in ft
Auto power off

Instrument maintenancetions: The meter should not be stored in high temperature and strong humidity environment for long-term; if not used for long time, please take out the battery and place the meter in the allocated potable bag and store in cool and dry place. Please keep the device surface cleaning. Wet soft cloth is applied to clean dust, but erosion liquid is never allowed to use for the meter maintenance. Laser output window and its focus lens can be maintained according to maintenance procedures for optical device.

During operation, tip information may appear on the main display screen as follows:
Signal too weak
Measure target locations which are with stronger reflecting capability
Signal too strong
Measure target locations which are weaker reflecting capability
Battery voltage is too low
Replace battery
Beyond working temperature
Carry out measurement with the meter in the specified scope
Improper Measurement on Pythagorean proposition
Re-measure, and ensure the length of hypotenuse is longer than that of right-side
Memory damage
Please contact the supplier

Range Finder (SF-60)

Range Finder (SF-60)

For more details, please refer to our website or our general catalogue.
Medel SF-60 SF-100
Measuring Range 60m 100m
Measuring Accuracy ±2mm
Measuring Unit mm/in/ft
Continuous Measurement Yes
Area Measurement Yes
Volume Measurement Yes
Indirect Measurement The complete model
Addition/Subtraction Yes
Max/Min Measurement Yes
Max storage 20Unit 30Unit
Backlight Yes
Key Sound Prompt Yes
Laser Level 11
Laser Class 635mm,<1mW
Automatic laser off 20s
Automatic shutdown 150s
Storage Temperature -20°C- 60°C
Operating Temperature 0°C- 40°C
Storage Humidity RH85%
Power Supply 1.5V 3AAA
Weight(Including Battery) 180g
Size 123*54*28mm
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equipment factory.Technology by leadong



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