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Laser Pointing Device (800A)

Product Overview
YBJ-800 (A) flameproof laser pointing device is currently the long range laser pointing devices inland, identified by the Shanghai Branch of Coal Research Institute Testing Center of Explosion, are in line with the indicators of GB3836.1-2000, GB3836.2-2000 and other national explosion-proof electrical standards and also "The product performed GB3836-2000, MT870-2000 " coal mine explosion laser pointing device " standard, a number of performance standards that meet or exceed GB3836-2000, MT870-2000 requirements, and made explosion-proof certificate and coal safety signs. Certificate of Conformity: SHEXC12.2694. Safety signs No.: MAK100004
Model and main technical indicators
1 Model significance: Y B J-800 type flameproof laser pointing device
Range (m)
Pointing device

The main technical indicators:
(1) Range: 800 meters;
(2) Input voltage: 36 V output voltage range of -260 volts;
(3) Operating voltage: 2.9 V ± 0.1 V; 3.5 V ± 0.1 V
(4) horizontal adjustment degree: > ± 2.5 degrees;
(5) Vertical adjustment degree: > 3 degrees;
(6) horizontal displacement: > ± 25mm
(7) Dimensions: 49 X 350 x 210;
(8) Weight: 2.6 kg;
(9) Laser power: 35 mW
(10) The spots of the instrument is calibrated at the factory, users do not need to adjust the spot. Spot diameter; 200 meters 5 mm; 400 meters 15 mm; 600 m at 20 mm; 800 m at 30 mm; 1, 000 m at 35 mm

Instrument range
The Institute provides the production of equipment for the electronics flameproof, with strict implementations of GB3836.1-2000, GB3836.2-2000 " national explosion-proof electrical standards. " And fully meet the requirements through pressure, moisture-resistant and explosion test. Users, please use under the following conditions, pressure 86-106 kPa 2, temperature -20degree Celsius -40 degree Celsius 3, humidity less than 96 % 4, the working environment allows dust and gas
Instrument uses
This instrument is mainly for the coal mine to provide the waistline, point, but also that of railways, highways, tunnels, culverts, construction and plumbing to provide accurate straight line. YBJ-800 (A) is suitable for long and short roadway; Big and small slope excavation project uses.
Note Note Note:
1 Avoide the collision, scratch proof joint on the surface while removing the instrument components.
2 the ground should be solid and reliable while instrument installation.
3 non- electrified openings.
4 In order to avoid damage to eyes, eye gaze beam is strictly prohibited.
5. Instrument should be properly stored in a dry and non-corrosive gas environment during storage.
6. According to the "national explosion-proof electrical standards, " After five years of usage, please replace this equipment to avoid expolsion.
Main features of the machine

One dot mode installation, power supply voltage is wide.
Overvoltage, overcurrent, overload protection device, safe and reliable.
Convenient adjustment, high precision small spot collimation.
Red and green beams, adjustable range at 800m-1000m.
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